Some people call them community, sisterhood, soul sisters, clan, tribes, support chicks, network and my gang. These are your foundation of support in your business and/or in your life.

“When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks but celebrate them with cries of ‘me too!’, be sure to cherish them because these people are your community.”

We all need support, doing it alone is often a silent and unfulfilling journey.  

Why a community, and why not your family?

Our families are amazing and do support us in our journeys. They are a different kind of community, they see you from an emotional standpoint and support you in the same manner. And that is perfect in its own element.


In business, you want a community that gets you and where you’re at in your business. A community that is your sounding board, having either experienced the same situation and can offer you support, guidance, and words of wisdom. A community that will take on the roles of your cheerleaders and celebratory partners for each step in your journey.

How many communities can you have?

There is no limit on the number of communities you can have. Communities are formed from various topics, needs, or experiences.  You can be part of several communities to meet your various needs and wants.

For example, I am part of an online business mothers group. We are mums and we are business owners. We talk primarily about all things babies and families, and at times the combination of babies and business. We support, we share stories, we share laughs, we share cringe moments and we seek advice.  We all know it’s a safe space that we can communicate openly and honestly, and that the walls of trust are there.

Additionally, I’m part of an online business community that focuses on certain business areas such as coaching, and businesswomen.

What types of communities can you have?

Here are some of my community;

  • Coaches
  • Online mothers group
  • Real-life mothers group
  • Bloggers
  • Business
  • Study groups
  • Business Women
  • Business Mums
  • Secret Chickie Business
  • Introverts
  • Goal setting

There are so many communities, and some you can consider. Communities from business, personality types, cooking, and so many more.

What to consider when looking for your community

When looking for communities to support you, you really need to listen to you.

  • What is it you really need in your life right now?
  • What are you lacking or wanting support in?
  • What kind of community do you want to be involved with? Is it online or in-person?

You might have several community group needs.

You are not limited to being just in one group.

How to identify what you need?

So you know you want a community, but how to clearly define what kind of community you need?

Answer the following questions to give you more clarity about what you need. 

  1. How are you feeling about your business or life right now?
  2. What are the areas you are finding a challenge at the moment?
  3. What areas do you wish you had more support in?
  4. What would make you feel supported?
  5. What can you give to support others? (Remember a community is about going both ways)
  6. Where do you love to hang out? Online or connecting with people in real life?
  7. If you had 5 words to describe your perfect community what would it be? 
  8. What do you NOT want from your community? 

Some guidelines to be conscious off when in your community

  • Respect that not everyone has the same opinion and are allowed to voice their opinions (as long as it’s not a personal attack)
  • Confidentiality a must
  • Be willing to share (doesn’t mean exposing your all)
  • Support fellow members

The best things communities can bring

Business community can bring things like;

  • Connections with business you need for your own business
  • Collaborations with potential business or project partners
  • A new network of friends
  • Great laughs
  • Business opportunities, such as new clients
  • Knowledge (great communities love to share their knowledge, which enables you to grow)